What is FIT COMP?

FIT COMP is New Breed's way of motivating people to push themselves to the absolute limit of their physical capabilities. It is the world's first fully online fitness competition with cash prizes! And it is completely FREE to participate! Each week there will be a new Comp posted and each one will have a different focus (anaerobic fatigue, physical strength, aerobic endurance, etc.). We want to challenge you whether you are a part of New Breed or not to participate in our Fit Comps and get a chance to win a cash prize!

Challenges are updated Weekly


Current Challenge


Deadlift AMRAP - 315 Pounds (143KG)

Comp Rules:

- Deadlift 315 pounds as many times as possible in a 60-second time frame.

- Weight belts allowed

- Conventional barbell or deadlift barbells both allowed

Determining the Winner:

Video submission

- Instagram Submission - post your video and tag @anewbreed_official

- Email Submission - anewbreedofficial@gmail.com

The Man who deadlifts 315 pounds the most times in 60 seconds wins this Comp.

Submission deadlines are the Monday after the Comp is announced. Winners will be announced on Instagram every Wednesday. New Comp will be released the day after winners are announced.



Prize money goes up with more participants.


Many men falter in the pursuit of excellence due to a reluctance to confront their weaknesses head-on. The fear of failure shackles them, breeding complacency. They shy away from risks, clinging to the comfort of familiarity. Too often, ego blinds them from seeking guidance or admitting ignorance, stifling growth. Society's antiquated norms demand stoic strength, dismissing vulnerability as weakness. Hindered by these self-imposed barriers, they hesitate to redefine success beyond traditional measures. Yet, within each stumble lies an opportunity for transformative growth. Excellence demands courage to embrace failure and shatter conventions. Break free, dare greatly, and excellence shall follow.